Quilt Square Competition: Popular Vote for Fall 2021

Voting for this competition has been postponed to our in-person show in September.

Here are the requirements for this innovative competition :

 Quilt Block Design from Buttons. Mary Jane Pozarcyki, $15, $10 $5.  Pick your favorite quilt block(s) pattern. Use as many buttons as you want and create that pattern using your buttons of different colors. Craft buttons can be glued to mat board or wood, something like that.  Collectible buttons (especially those with shanks) are to be sewn to fabric or mounted on cardboard with wire. Tip:  You can back your fabric with batting and/or plastic needle point canvas to help stabilize your design, or even frame it in a shadow box frame. Beads may be added to embellish your design. Minimum size 6″ square, maximum.

Popular Vote entry 1Cactus Flower’ pattern
Popular vote entry 2 “Cathedral windows” pattern
#3 Thunderbird


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