Spring 2020 Button Show

Only three trays per entrant


#1. Sec. 20-3. Astronomical features, 15 Any Size. Try to present at least one of the following:1) the moon; 2) planets 3) the sun; 4) meteors/shooting stars/comets, and 5) stars. Look for a variety of materials; label back marks, including studio artist signature. Look for sew-thrus, usage, and shapes for extra points. See NBS Blue Book, 2019-2020, page 57. Jane Albanowski, $15,10, 5.

#2. Sec. 23-6.5 Moveable/ Mechanical, 15 buttons any size unlimited Studios. No Holograms. Theresa Heulitt, $10, 6, 4.

#3. Sec 1-0 Celluloid Assorted (1-1 thru 1-7), 20 any size, Central Jersey Buttoniers, $15,10,5. Try to cover as many of the classes and subclasses as possible. Labeling is helpful, although mislabeling will not disqualify you. Cover the 4 pictorial sections, look for shapes.

#4. Sec.17-0 thru 20-0, Specialized to At the Seashore, 15 Any Size. In memory of Lillian Buirkle who lived at the Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore Button Club. $15,10,5. Try to cover all 4 pictorial sections, assorted materials, shapes, back types, usage, movable. Think of all the things you might see at the beach including items, animals, plant life and nautical scenes.
Fall 2020 Popular Vote (Mount as you please). Looking for more Popular Vote Awards for Fall 2020.

#1. 12 of your favorite Shell buttons, Any size. Central Jersey Buttoniers, $15, 10, 5.