Spring 2019 Show


MAY 11, 2019

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New Jersey Awards for Spring 2019

All Awards are Division 9

Use Blue Book 2019-2010 for these Awards


No more than 3 awards per Entrant. All Div IX awards.

Sec 22-1.7, Turned Designs, 15 Any Size, specialized to 5 each: Turn-Again, Turn-around, Turn-over. Label and mount in 3 groups. Jersey Shore $15,10,5. See May 2012 Bulletin for illustrations of this pattern and note the appendix explanation on page 62 of the Blue Book 2019-2020. For extra points, look for different materials, shapes of buttons, a back mark which you must label to receive extra point various back types (sew through, whistle, pin shank) ALL BUTTONS MUST BE NON PICTORIAL IN THIS CLASS.


Sec 12-1.3 Phenolic Resin, 20 Any Size, specialized to Bakelite. Jersey Shore $15,10,5. In Memory of Marilyn Jost.

Look for a variety of colors and multicolored bakelite buttons, OME, cover the 4 pictorial sections, back types, shapes, various constructions – carved, back carved, laminated, etc.

17-5.6, Horse Family 25, Any Size, $15, $10, $5. Bergen Button Club. This award is written in the animal class. Therefore, look for Horses and horse family, Zebra, Mule, Donkey etc. Include activities (jumping, being ridden, people OK in this category), pulling wagon, racing etc. Look for multiple horses on one button, Mare and Foal, etc. These are the most important. Then look for assorted materials, label any back mark, shapes, usage, back types.

Ruth Berry Memorial Award: Cl. 17-0 through 20-24, 25 Any size. Pictorials assorted specialized to black glass. Label pictorial class number and mount in order. Unlimited realistics. Heirs of Ruth Berry. $50-30-20.

This is a difficult award since labeling is required. Errors in labeling animal classes will disqualify you. Cover as many whole number classes in each section as possible (i.e. don’t overload with mammals in the animal class, look for birds, spiders, fish, etc. The same in plant life – don’t have all flowers, but look for leaves, nuts, vegetables, fruit, etc. By not duplicating classes, you will receive more points. Secondary consideration is the black glass class – different construction i.e. moonglow, paperweight, lampwork,etc, and other black glass classes, lusters, paint, etc. These should not be labeled as to class number, but can be noted in words to help the judges. If it’s something you want the judges to notice, label it.

Sec 17-0 through 20-0, 20 Any Size. Specialized to the four seasons, 5 buttons per season including one holiday per season. Mount in 4 groups, label season and the holiday represented. Unlimited Realistics. Central Jersey Buttoniers $15,10, 5. Cover as many pictorial classes as possible. Look for assorted materials, shapes, a labeled back mark, usage, sew through.


Barbara Fox $5,3,2. (Must be on a 9×12 card and in a sleeve). Mount as you please awards are meant to be creative and fun. You could tell a story with these buttons, mount them in interesting and creative ways, or just put your 20 favorites on a card. Enjoy!