Information Please! “Ordinary” Shell Button

How many points could you get for this shell button?

Novice and experienced button collectors – get tips on putting a competition tray together with a Zoom Q&A session with Annie Frazier on Sunday, February 21 at 4 p.m. Any questions are welcome but the featured topic will be how to label classifications for the more “ordinary” shell buttons, as above. Hint: Look at the back, maybe not so ordinary!

Back of the “plain” shell button shows its bark and whether it is iridescent or not iridenscent.

Annie will give tips on entering NJSBS’s first virtual shell competition, explained here.

Anyone who clicks through to this post may join the zoom meeting on 2-21 at 4 pm Eastern time and to join by phone use Meeting ID: 822 0686 2694 and call 1 646 558 8656.

TO SUBMIT A QUESTION send a pictures of the button, front and back, to

We will have them either posted or ready to show on the screen.

Questions – call me at 609-759-4804 or


Portrait of a Collector: Cynthia Bartlett


Cynthia Bartlett, past president, left, knew Sara Howell’s aunt.

Cynthia Bartlett is a long-time button collector who is a past president of the New Jersey State Button Society. She explains how she fell in love with buttons:

“I did not inherit a collection; my entire collection is “self bought.” I kept a list – the material, an illustration if I think I am going to forget it, and what I paid. I had never known a collector until, in the ‘70s, I met Annie and Johnson Frazier at a flea market. Annie had cards of buttons but she had other items to sell too. She told me about a club that just down the street from Sonia and John Force. (Sara Howell is the grandniece of one of the ladies so helpful to me at that time). I spent many years traveling with Anne Flood and other collectors, going to national and regional shows. Close to home, our New Jersey clubs have been a great resource for me to find and learn about buttons.”

Cynthia Bartlett, past president, and Jackie Moreno, board member welcome visitors to the NJSBS Show and Competition.