First Virtual Competition for 2021: March 1 Deadline

Here is how it works. Put together your tray. Take a good picture of it – without a cover or frame – with your cell phone. Email the picture to Pam Muzio ( by March 1, 2021. Annie Frazier and Sara Mulford will be judges for this virtual competition. Questions? Contact Pam at 201-666-5777 or Barbara Fox at 609-759-4804.

Find nine shell buttons and enter the first judged competition that NJSBS will hold during Covid. Deadline to submit photos of trays is March 1: Div 9, Class 11-7.0 Shell Assorted. 9 Buttons Any Size, try to cover as many classes as possible. List all classes that apply to each button. Label shell types if known. The purpose of this award is to see how well you understand the shell classification. Include pictorial sections and shapes.

Please note that our Spring 2021 show has been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. But we will have MORE virtual competitions — judged and popular vote. Stay tuned! And on the day of the show we will celebrate with an afternoon of Zoom sessions.