Welcome to New Jersey State Button Society!

NJSBS is delighted to announce that Annie Frazier will launch 2022 by giving a three-part online judge training workshop. The workshop is free, and the first session is Sunday, January 23 at 4 p.m. To register, click this link.  NJSBS members can enter two virtual competitions by submitting photos on or before March 15, 2022. Look in the Fall 2021 NJSBS bulletin for details or email buttonsinnewjersey@gmail.com.


All Division IX (Any Age). Use National Button Society Blue Book 2019-2020

Awards one and two will be judged virtually as part of Annie Frazier’s three-part judging tutorial starting Sunday, January 23 at 4 p.m.

Photos of 1 and 2 must be submitted by March 15. Email buttonsinnewjersey@gmail.com for details. 

  1. virtual.  Sec 20-3, Astronomical, 15 buttons Any Size. Try to present at least one of the following: 1) the moon; 2) planets; 3) the sun; 4) meteors/shooting stars/comets; 5) stars. Jane Albanowski, $15,10, 5. Look for assorted materials, shapes, back types, usage, movable. Label back marks. See NBS Blue Book 2019-2020, p. 57. 
  1. virtual.  Sec 11-7 Shell with Other Material Embellishment (OME) assorted, 20 Any Size, Bergen Button Club. $15,10, 5. Cover all the subclasses in this section. NOTE: in the metals subclass, look for different metals – brass, steel, pewter, gilt, copper, etc., more than one metal on a button. You may have duplication of OME’s, but can get additional points by including iridescent and non-iridescent shell, shapes, back types, labelled back mark, pictorial sections, usage, sew thru, etc.
  2. at the show.  Sec 23-6.5, Mechanical/Moveable, 15 buttons Any Size. Unlimited Studios, no holograms. Theresa Heulitt, $10, 6, 4. See NBS Blue Book 2019-2020, p. 65. Look for different materials, different pictorial sections, label any back marks. 
  3. at the show.  Sec 1-0 Celluloid Assorted (1-1 thru 1-7), 20 buttons Any Size. Label in order using Section/Class numbers. Ruth N. Berry Memorial Award by NJSBS Board of Directors, $15, 10, 5. Since labeling is required in this award, mislabeling will disqualify you. Include the 4 pictorial sections, shapes and a labeled back mark, different back types for more points.

FALL 2022 POPULAR VOTE (Mount as you Please)

  1. Cats, 10 or more, Any size. Jane Albanowski, $10, 6, 4.

Welcome to the world of buttons!

Do you have a jar of buttons you know nothing about?

Are you interested in antiques, history, sewing, or quilting?

Do you have a passion for learning about different time periods in history?

Or do you just like the tiny objects that are “the world’s smallest antiques?”’

This website – the New Jersey State Button Society — can help you. Our members share an interest in studying, collecting, and preserving clothing buttons, both old and new. At our twice-yearly shows, you can ogle beautiful buttons, learn about them, and maybe get some for yourself. We also offer other opportunities about the history and general knowledge of buttons. Welcome to the New Jersey State!