Come visit us at our spring show on May 11, 2019!

Spring Show

May 11, 2019

Celluloid: Pioneering Plastic

Union Fire Company & Rescue Squad

1396 River Rd. Titusville, NJ 08560


Welcome to the world of buttons!

Do you have a jar of buttons you know nothing about?

Are you interested in antiques, history, sewing, or quilting?

Do you have a passion for learning about different time periods in history?

Or do you just like the tiny objects that are “the world’s smallest antiques?”’

This website – the New Jersey State Button Society — can help you. Our members share an interest in studying, collecting, and preserving clothing buttons, both old and new. At our twice yearly shows you can ogle beautiful buttons, learn about them, and maybe get some for yourself. We also offer other opportunities about the history and general knowledge of buttons. Welcome to the New Jersey State Button Society!


Come visit us at our spring show on May 11, 2019!