Future Competitions


All Division IX (Any Age). Use National Button Society Blue Book 2019-2020

Awards one and two will be judged virtually as part of Annie Frazier’s three-part judging tutorial starting Sunday, January 23 at 4 p.m.

Photos of 1 and 2 must be submitted by March 15. Email buttonsinnewjersey@gmail.com for details. 

  1. virtual.  Sec 20-3, Astronomical, 15 buttons Any Size. Try to present at least one of the following: 1) the moon; 2) planets; 3) the sun; 4) meteors/shooting stars/comets; 5) stars. Jane Albanowski, $15,10, 5. Look for assorted materials, shapes, back types, usage, movable. Label back marks. See NBS Blue Book 2019-2020, p. 57. 
  1. virtual.  Sec 11-7 Shell with Other Material Embellishment (OME) assorted, 20 Any Size, Bergen Button Club. $15,10, 5. Cover all the subclasses in this section. NOTE: in the metals subclass, look for different metals – brass, steel, pewter, gilt, copper, etc., more than one metal on a button. You may have duplication of OME’s, but can get additional points by including iridescent and non-iridescent shell, shapes, back types, labelled back mark, pictorial sections, usage, sew thru, etc.
  2. at the show.  Sec 23-6.5, Mechanical/Moveable, 15 buttons Any Size. Unlimited Studios, no holograms. Theresa Heulitt, $10, 6, 4. See NBS Blue Book 2019-2020, p. 65. Look for different materials, different pictorial sections, label any back marks. 
  3. at the show.  Sec 1-0 Celluloid Assorted (1-1 thru 1-7), 20 buttons Any Size. Label in order using Section/Class numbers. Ruth N. Berry Memorial Award by NJSBS Board of Directors, $15, 10, 5. Since labeling is required in this award, mislabeling will disqualify you. Include the 4 pictorial sections, shapes and a labeled back mark, different back types for more points.

FALL 2022 POPULAR VOTE (Mount as you Please)

  1. Cats, 10 or more, Any size. Jane Albanowski, $10, 6, 4. 


Division IX (Any Age). Use National Button Society Blue Book 2019-2020 

  1. Sec. 10-1 thru 10-15 Metals, 20 Any Size, Specialized to Pictorials as follows: 5 each of the following: Sec 17 Animals; Sec 18-11 Sports Game Equipment; Sec 19 Plant life; Sec. 20-5 Children, Mount in Groups. Jersey Shore Button Club, $10, 6, 4. Remember there are no people allowed in Section 18-11. Look for different types of metals, shapes, sew-thru. Label a back mark for an extra point
  2. Sec 10-5.6, Steel Cups, 20 buttons, 5 Large, 5 Medium, 5 Small, 5 Free Choice. Bergen Button Club. $15, 10, 5. Include variety of OME’s, shapes, a variety of pictorial sections. Use a magnet to make certain buttons are steel cups. 

Sec 10-1 thru 10-15 Metals, 12 any size, specialized to 20-6 and 20-12 (Cupid, cherubs, lovers, couples, no children or cartoons) Barbara Figge Fox, $15, 10, 5.