Portait of a Collector: Mary Stampleman

DSCF8079 mary stampleman karen cohen
Mary Stampleman, left, poses with studio artist Karen  L. Cohen

“Thank God for Buttons!,” says Mary Stampleman, in the middle of the COVID lockdown. “At least we have a wonderful hobby to turn to when we need to escape!”

She has collected buttons for more than 35 years and is partial to Division 1 glass. (Division I buttons are non-uniform buttons made before 1918).  “I like to make creative mountings using antique trade cards and Victorian scraps. During the shut-down, I’ve been remounting old trays and also making new ones.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Studio button by Carolyn Eisley, frame by Mary Stampleman

Here’s an example: The button above was made by Carolyn Eisley of Fairy Tale Buttons. It is about three inches across on a wooden disc, with an acrylic face made by the artist. Mary embellished the fabric frame.

Her advise for newcomers to collecting: Read button books, join the National Button Society, visit their online educational materialsand go to the State shows to learn about buttons.



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