Portrait of a Collector: JoAnn Taylor

rosette shank card
Card of Rosette Shanks from the catalog of Annie Frazier

JoAnn Taylor is president of the Bergen Button Club. 

JoAnn Taylor started collecting in 1991 after reading in her local newspaper that a button club was meeting at Teaneck Library, all welcome. “I was hooked!” JoAnn is president of the Bergen Button Club and, with Pam Muzio, takes care of competition entry at New Jersey State Button Society twice-yearly shows.

JoAnn says her favorite buttons to collect are Paris Backs and Rosette Shanks. (Here’s what the bank of a Rosette Shank looks like)rosette shank reverse

During Covid, she has been mounting enamels and trying to mount paperweights by maker.

“When recarding my paperweight buttons, I had 3 paperweight buttons labeled as Skip DuBois, bought years ago at NERBA. I have two that are millefiori and one is very pale pink with a small white flower that looks as if it’s opening, with green leaves. They all have six precision cuts around the top/sides and sliced across the top.

“I contacted ButtonBytes (an educational Facebook page) for more information on Skip DuBois. I was emailed by Debra Wisniewski about her book that lists Skip and some of his buttons.

Someone else sent me the article on Nancy DuBois, the SAME article that had been published in the NJSBS bulletin in 2016! (Nancy DuBois, Skip’s wife, crafts in glass. She designed and made the 75th anniversary button for NJSBS). “It was wonderful. enjoyed it. Great information. I’m now looking for more Skip paperweights because they are so well made.”


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