Coping with Covid: Sara Mulford, Dealer

Sara Mulford, at a library presentation

Covid19  has played havoc on our hobby.  But — when the pandemic started, button sales seemed to soar. With staying home and time on their hands and no button shows to attend — what else were people to do than peruse the internet for buttons.

With all the shut down of button shows at the state, regional and national level where does that leave us to shop for buttons? Many of us often turn to eBay auctions, Etsy  or maybe online button groups such as Button Bytes. These are fine, but for me and  my need to sell, I needed to reach more button collectors. I’ve signed on to 4 groups, with many more out there. During this time I mailed buttons all over the states as well as Canada, England and Australia. 

Each group has its own rules for selling and buying, they even do auctions occasionally. You will meet not only button collectors but sewers, crafters, jewelry and costume makers.

Buttons can be listed  as a single button or a group. There are also times where large lots are listed. It depends on the button group what type seems to sell. I notice my higher end buttons don’t move as fast as my lower cost or novelty buttons.

So where do you go to find these buttons I have for sale? ( there are many more out there) In no special order, Buttons4Sale, Vintage Button Circle, Old Buttons, Buckles &Beyond, OLD BUTTONS NEW BUTTONS & MORE Buy/Sell/Auctions. These are all Facebook sites. You do need to join the group to see what is for sale. They do only PayPal payments. If you don’t have that set up it would be wise to do so. Just like at a show you need to know your prices, not to over pay for your buttons. Buy the ones you love. You can also find some bargains or treasures. (some what like a poke box without the digging). 
We don’t know when all this mess will end but I know there is an endless amount of buttons out there!  
Submitted by:
Sara Mulford
Sara Mulford is a past president of the New Jersey State Button Society.

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