Information Please: More Shell to Classify


Here’s a novice question. Above is a shell button with a very large metal disk on the back. How does that get classified? Is it an escutcheon on the front and does the circle of the metal escutcheon count for anything?

Is is possible that the shell above meets all these classifications?

11-1 Iridescent shell.

11-4.2 Gilded applied metallic gold

11-5.4 Overlay (versus it being one piece and different colors)

11-7.2 OME metal

11-8.1 carved


pictorial: flowers

Can the shell above be

11-1 Iridescent

11-4.3 Painted (are the black circles painted)

Are the circles and the indentations carved (11-8.1 or

/this shell tray offers possibilities for analysis. How many carved specimens are there? Do any have another category

Thanks to Danielle Nicole who posted it on Button Byhtes.

The Division 1 button above is painted (11-4.3 paint/paint encrusted.) QUESTION: Can we take a Div III button, ordinary and made recently, and add our own painted design so that the button can qualify as painted? Or does that make it a studio button?

First, can you say this is a Division 1 button, i.e. made before 1919. It does not seem well made. The real question is, can you use this button to explain frames? Definition of “frame:” the body of the button forms a frame for a center of any material other than shell. So this ISN”T a frame. Is it shell mounted in metal? Where is that in the blue book? Or is it an OME as in 11-7.2 Metal assorted…including “ornate mountings, cut steel border, rim, elaborate border etc. ”


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